Summer Sparks

Hello strangers!

Long time no write but I’m back and feeling very excited that Summer Sparks is almost ready for release! I completed it early last year and then the pandemic hit and then, as we all know, the world turned crazy upside down.

It’s a summer read and I know we’re not going to be poolside or on a baking hot beach abroad but Summer Sparks should make you smile in your back garden or – knowing the British weather – curled up in front of your fire. It’s Liv Ashton’s tale of friendship, love, relationships, finding her limits and then exceeding them.

Why not pick up a copy and join her on her summer adventure?

Dowdy Liv Ashton has always had a secret desire to experience passion in the rain like they do in her beloved Nicholas Sparks movies. Now in her fifties, she is plodding in life until her husband abandons her for a posher, prettier model. Left in pieces, she agrees to accompany her incorrigible best friend, Jeannie, on a working holiday in Europe.

There, Liv gets a job as a cleaner and hooks up with charming Rudy. Her summer turns into a rollercoaster adventure filled with new experiences she never even knew she wanted. But when circumstances change, can she go back to the life she once had? Or has the summer changed her into a different person altogether? 

And if she should return home, will she ever get her Nicholas Sparks moment?

Available at Amazon soon!

2 thoughts on “Summer Sparks

  1. Wow, what a lovely surprise to see that Maxine Sinclair is about to release another book. I can’t wait to pre-order my copy of what is sure to be another beautifully observed and beautifully written book!


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