Walking Away From Dixbury…


So – having completed the first two instalments of The Dixbury Trilogy I am metaphorically walking out of Dixbury for now. I will, of course, return to write the final, ‘Dixbury Encore’, probably later next year. (It’s fine – I know that Amy and co. will carry on dancing, loving and laughing until I sit down to document their adventures again :-))

In the meantime I am half way through my next novel. It is a story about a young deaf woman, Katy, who is trying to find happiness despite her controlling boyfriend and overbearing mother. She is a passionate artist who (drunkenly) applies to go on a television documentary about disability and the arts. It is while filming for this that her head is turned by the attractive sign language interpreter, Connor. Katy is also wrestling with whether to have a cochlear implant and at the same time trying to support her best friend who, after one too many one night stands, falls pregnant.

It is a story of love, friendship, relationships and, ultimately, finding your identity.

‘The Art Of Being Deaf’ (working title) is a work in progress…


7 thoughts on “Walking Away From Dixbury…

  1. Wow, this is sure to be an amazing read! Such a talented author who writes like an angel, and kept us enthralled by her characterisation and story-lines throughout her first two novels, and so this promises to be as entertaining and well observed as those, especially given the premise of the book – can’t wait!


  2. Oooo, this is another read to look forward to. I too have had Baha Avenue suggested, but I insist on chancing hearing aids first. I am already intrigued as to the challenges of this young lady and how she rises up from her ‘disabling’ reltionships to find her true self-independance.


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