And For Something Different



I’m still hard at work on Return To Dixbury but a particular paragraph has frazzled my brain – I cannot get it to make sense. On times like these I need to step away, make a cuppa, go for a stroll, take a bath (if only I had one – how was chucking out the bath a good idea?) or write something totally unrelated, like a blog.

Whilst waiting for the final touches to be made to Dixbury Does Talent I really enjoyed writing a collection of flash fiction stories. It was such a different experience to writing a novel.  These are short, sharp, snappy stories (A* for alliteration) and I made them into a little book entitled Snapshots.

If, like me, you’re feeling the need for a bit of time out, please put your feet up (or take a bath if you have one – you lucky devil) and enjoy a little story.


Acceptance Speech

“Hey! Wow! How about that? Jeez, I cannot believe it!”

I’m elated, sweating profusely in my tux, before the glitterati of the movie making business.

“When we started work on ‘The Sanctuary’,” I say, my voice thick with emotion. “We had no idea it would touch so many people. I wanna thank you all from the bottom of my heart for embracing this movie.”

Applause ripples.

“This award isn’t just about me, there’s always a team behind any great movie and I have people to thank. Firstly, the producers, John P Wiseman and Carol Giffen, Mary J for her direction, the Arts Gang, Slitch, my beautiful co-star, Sarah Cozens, Dick Wallis, Miranda Stow, Carly G and most of all, Pete Carmichael, for his outstanding writing and for creating this amazing character for me. Thanks Pete, I love ya.”

I look to him and salute whilst the audience clap again.

“I’d like to finish off by thanking my nearest and dearest for supporting me. To my children, Nick and Annie, I love you, and to my wife, Chandra, I have no words for you, as you didn’t support me at all – in fact you nagged, bitched and whined the whole way through the process of me making this movie.”

People shift in their seats, looking around nervously, unsure whether to laugh.

“In fact, Chandra, I’m taking this baby home…” I say, holding up my statuette. “…And I’ll see you in my lawyers office real soon.   Goodnight folks, have a great evening!”



Now You See Them…


Hello all!

See this picture? This shows Dixbury Does Talent on the shelves of the wonderful local department store, Jarrold’s. (Yes I do skulk around there taking pictures – is that a bit creepy?) I am chuffed to tell you that if you went there today you would find a gap on the shelf as they are having to replenish their stock again. Happy days!

Meanwhile I am having so much fun writing Return To Dixbury. I’m up to chapter forty-one and have been doing some serious editing. People ask how I plan out my books and I say that I have a beginning, an end and a rough idea of events in-between.  More often than not those ‘events in-between’ change the course of the story and that’s what makes it so much fun to write. As much as I know the ending, it’s the journey to get there that’s interesting. Hmm, there’s a thought: you could say that about life too, couldn’t you? So deep, that’s me.

Jarrold’s should have a new supply of Dixbury Does Talent on their shelves next week – grab ’em while they’re hot! (Now, that makes it sound like they’re stolen and they’re really not – unless you steal one, but being on the top shelf that’s quite tricky, unless you’re tall. OK, I’m signing off now.)

See you later alligators! x