Dixbury Does Talent



Trumpet fanfare please! Today is the day that my debut novel is available to buy in e-book or paperback at Amazon. I am beyond excited!

This year for Christmas my husband gave me a notepad that simply says on the cover, ‘Dream Big’, which I rather like.  It was that sentiment that found me, at the end of 2015, revisiting the chapters I’d written of Dixbury Does Talent (dormant on my computer since 2012) and deciding  I really wanted to tell this story of a group of people who all lead separate lives but come together to learn ballet.  It’s a feel good tale filled with love, life, laughter and dancing. And now that it’s published I can tick that dream off my list. (My next dream is to see it as a musical or a film as, believe me, it would work so well!)

Thank you to all of you who read Snapshots and thanks to all of you who will read Dixbury Does Talent.  I love this writing lark.

Happy New Year to you all.  I’m signing off to help dismantle the Christmas tree, vacuum round then I’m going to continue to dream big.








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