My First Book Baby

Did I say that Snapshots was coming soon?  Well, ta-da – here it is!

But before you decide whether or not to indulge, let me tell you a little more about it…

In the beginning months of 2016 I finished writing my first novel, Dixbury Does Talent.  I really wasn’t ready to write another novel and so I did the opposite and started to write flash fiction.  It began with an entry in a competition (a wonderful third prize) and, believe me, what fun I’ve had!  What a great challenge to write a complete story in under five hundred words!  In fact a couple are under a hundred and there’s even a ten word tale.  It was just what my brain needed after the long road of a novel.  Inspiration came from everywhere and I had a ball writing these short, punchy, quirky tales of randomness.  They were my breath of fresh air!

It’s a book you can dip in and out of with a cuppa and a slice of cake/biscuit/carrot stick.

Dixbury Does Talent will be out before we see the new year in, but until then I hope you enjoy Snapshots.

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